Tor·que·ma·da (tôrk-mäd, tôrk-mää), Tomás de 1420-1498. Spanish Dominican friar who was appointed grand inquisitor by Pope Innocent VIII (1487). Under his authority, thousands of Jews, suspected witches, and others were killed or tortured during the Spanish Inquisition.

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Secrets of the CSS Jedi ...

CHICAGO — August 27–28, 200
August 27–28, 2007

Chicago Marriott Downtown
Featured Speakers for An Event Apart Chicago

The Schedule

An Event Apart Chicago runs from 9:00 am–5:30 pm. We have a lot to cover, so the event will start promptly each day. Arrive early to get a good seat! Doors open at 7:30 am; for best results, plan to show up by 8:00 am.

9:00 am

Secrets of the CSS Jedi

Eric Meyer

How much time do you spend either desperately fighting or blindly accepting browser defaults? More than you might think. Truly understanding both sides of this struggle is critical for anyone who wants to be a CSS Master. This will be an in-depth exploration of how CSS really works, and how this knowledge can make your work easier.

Be Pure. Be Vigilant. Behave.

Jeremy Keith

Using JavaScript doesn’t have to feel dirty. Instead, you can use this much-maligned language to enhance the usability of your sites. By applying best practices learned from CSS, you can use DOM Scripting and even Ajax in an unobtrusive way. With a little bit of self-disciple, you can make sure that your sites behave themselves.

10:00 am


10:15 am

Writing the User Interface

Jeffrey Zeldman

Drop-shadows don’t fill shopping carts. Aside from a few buttons and arrows, nearly all of the work of a user interface is performed by words. Yet most designers don’t question the text their clients dump on them, and most budgets don’t cover editing and writing. Learn how word choice can drastically improve design, branding, and usability—and how to edit web content effectively, even if you’re not a writer.

Best Practices For Form Design

Luke Wroblewski

Forms bridge the gap between people and your site. From registration to checkout, web forms make or break interactions. Learn best practices culled from international usability testing, eye-tracking studies, and over ten years of designing web applications. See how different forms, fields, labels, calls to action, and visual elements can support or impair user behavior. You’ll never look at your web forms the same way again.

11:15 am


11:30 am

Design Your Way Out of a Paper Bag

Jason Santa Maria

Rethinking an existing brand can be a designer’s most exciting (and most perilous) challenge. Happy Cog’s Jason Santa Maria should know, having recently redesigned AIGA and A List Apart. Learn how color, typography, and visual metaphors can change the way people experience even the most familiar sites.

Accessibility: lost in translation

Derek Featherstone

Developers, designers, and information architects work together to translate wireframes, prototypes, and mockups into functioning sites and applications. Examine the accessibility challenges presented by common design patterns. Learn practical solutions that translate an interface’s nuances and the intent of the design into meaningful code—to help ensure an accessible user experience for people with disabilities.

12:30 pm


Co-sponsored by Adobe

2:00 pm

Search analytics for fun and profit

Lou Rosenfeld

Any site with a search engine logs user’s search queries. This is real data that’s plentiful and inexpensive to acquire, and not necessarily difficult to analyze. Search query data tells you what users really want from your site—in their own words—and how well you’re meeting those needs. This session covers the basics of search analytics for web designers, showing how you can diagnose and fix major problems with your site’s content, metadata, navigation, and search functions.

The State of CSS in an IE7 World

Eric Meyer

After five quiet (and increasingly frustrating) years, the 800-pound gorilla is awake once more. We know that Internet Explorer 7 fixed a lot of bugs and added new support, but with IE6 still hanging around like an annoying party crasher, has anything really changed? We’ll take a look at where we are and where we’re going in an IE7 world.

3:00 pm


3:15 pm

The Seven Lies of Information Architecture

Liz Danzico

Watch out for dangling participles! Never end a sentence with a preposition! Rules like these governed our young lives in grade-school grammar class. As grownups, we now know that they were only guidelines disguised in rules’ clothing. Information architecture has been relying on the same disguised guidelines, and we’ve been blindly following them. Learn from seven examples when it’s best to stick to the IA rules and when it’s better to break them.

Selling Design

Jeffrey Zeldman

It takes talent, knowledge, and experience to design great websites. But what’s the use if your client (or boss) consistently kills your best work? Great design requires great clients, and they are made, not born. Learn to identify receptive clients and bosses and develop an inclusive, collaborative process that builds the level of trust needed to sell great work.

4:15 pm


4:30 pm

Interface Design Juggling

Dan Cederholm

Keeping all the right pieces in play when designing for the web can be a balancing act. This session will focus on being an independent interface designer in a complex world of endless choices. Learn how streamlined process and smart approaches can make for compelling, adaptable designs with XHTML and CSS. You’ll soon be juggling microformats, typography and flexible design with ease.

Dealing With the Both of You

Jim Coudal

Personal projects are filled with risk-taking, passion, experimentation
and the thrill of invention. By comparison, the projects we do for clients
and bosses can seem, well, boring. The trick is to get some of that creative inspiration into the practical framework of the client work... and vice-versa. Find the right balance between both sides of your personality. Make your personal projects more successful and your daily work-for-hire more fulfilling.

6:30 pm–???

Opening Night Party

Sponsored by (mt) Media Temple

Great hotel, special savings

The Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile has arranged special room rates for Event Apart attendees of $229 per night. To get these savings, call 1-312-836-0100 and say you need the special “An Event Apart” room rate.

Situated right in the heart of downtown Chicago, the hotel has fantastic views of the city and is a short walk from Navy Pier, American Girl Place, and much more. Attendees staying there will find newly renovated rooms featuring in-room high-speed internet access; laptop safes and coolers; flat-screen color TVs; luxurious bedding and linens, and more. Best of all, it’s the site of the conference. You can walk out of your room and into the show!

The Wisdom of Torquemada" text="#000000" bgproperties="fixed">


'Hear Thy Wisdom' by Simon Bisley
Read these wise words from the lips of the Grand Master himself and become enlightened...

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! BEHAVE!

No alien is so cute it can't be cleansed.
Never forget! Never forgive! Never for fun!
Do it for Torquemada! Do it for Termight! Do it with zeal!
Anyone having truck with an extra-terrestrial goes into the vats!
Sleep is no refuge for impure thoughts!
There is only one crime I am guilty of... Being too merciful!
Only I stand for order! And discipline!
Especially discipline!
Take Heed by Bryan Talbot
Yes, I brought them hell! As I bring hell to all to all who are impure! So let this be a dreadful warning to you of the awful consquences of dallying with the deviant...lingering with the lycanthrope...or even - perish the thought - having truck with the extra-terrestrial!
Heed my words! Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!
I implore you once again! Watch out for the werewolf at the window! The deviant at the door! The vampire up your ventilation shaft! O, you may mock! You may laugh! But you won't be laughing when you're burning in my insinerator! You won't be smirking when I take the pliers to you on the torture table!
But it's not all misery and pain and torture, brothers and sisters - although thats's 80% - for I bring you good news, too!
You're all white men now!
The human race is finally united! Out there in space are the ones to fear! The ones who are different! The foreigners! The aliens!
So let's cleanse and purify it. Let's make this galaxy of ours cleaner, purer than you ever thought possible. Let's see the stars shining bright with a snowy pure whiteness you've never known before.

Do it! Do it for Torquemada! Do it for Termight! But above all... Do it with zeal!

Now Warlock! Lord of the flies! It's Dogmeat Time! It's ketchupagogo as you face death by the... Hedge trimmer?!

......Three times before meals with a red hot poker.....

How DARE you call me a bigot and a fascist? I've put up with your insults and abuse - but this time you go too far!
Thanks to my bigotry, my hatred, I united the Human Race against the rest of the Galaxy! For the first time in Earth's history, humans no longer kill each other if they're a different colour, creed, or political belief...
Because now we've really got something to hate...something to fear...something to kill! Out there - in space - are creatures who are really different...really weird... A universe full of 'em!
Pray for Salvation by John Hicklenton

Only by having faith in me, by giving me absolute power can I save you from The Warlock and the screaming hordes of Khaos!

[ And of those already influenced by the Grand Master's wisdom, we have Sister Sturn (discovering her sons 'deviation') ]:

"No... Nemesis may have fooled you - but you can't fool a mother! I know...
It's a deviant with a dummy! A fiend with a feeding bottle! A reptile with a rusk! A nightmare in nappies!"
I am the Grand Master... The first termite to bite back! The one grannies fear! The one you cross the road to avoid! I am order personified! I am the ultimate human! I am a god!
A true leader is prepared to destroy those he loves for his cause.
But I didn't come here just to hold long gloating conversations...pleasant as they may be...
I came here for the killing!
I came here for the killing! by John Hicklenton
The true fanatic cannot let anyone stand in his way - not even his loved ones! All must be sacrificed for the cause!
And there is no greater cause than cleansing the galaxy of the deviant and the man - or woman - who has truck with him! And there is no greater fanatic than I!
Oh, beware of books! They, too, are are the work of the deviant! The Evil One who encourages authors to write sly anti-government propaganda!
And doubly beware intelligent books! The more elequent, the more clever the tome, the more likely Nemesis himself is behind it! Never read books that make you think! For The Warlock can hide a drop of evil amidst a lake of truth!
Stick to mindless trash, I implore you!
For in the universe the ultimate force is Order! Order which destroys anarchy and the screaming hordes of Khaos! And I am the ultimate incarnation of all the great men in history who have fought for that force! That is why I have been sent to Earth! That is my great mission...
I am the force made flesh!
You owe me your allegiance! For only I am capable of being Grand Master! Only I am a match for The Warlock! Only I can destroy him!
[ Nemesis: "Torquemada! You're still alive!" ]

And kicking Warlock! On my way to reclaim my throne and continue my great work of cleansing the galaxy of deviants like you!

Yes, I'm going to do it just one more time...

Art by Bryan Talbot
There is only one good alien... A dead alien!
I can't say it enough!
Be Pure! Be vigilant! Behave!
Are you pure?

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