Tor·que·ma·da (tôrk-mäd, tôrk-mää), Tomás de 1420-1498. Spanish Dominican friar who was appointed grand inquisitor by Pope Innocent VIII (1487). Under his authority, thousands of Jews, suspected witches, and others were killed or tortured during the Spanish Inquisition.

martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Cartagena de Indias OAS Summit Climax Revisited

Dan Emmett Secret Service on President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush
480 × 360 - 21k - jpg

Hillary Clinton didn't let a little Secret Service sex scandal ruin her ...
250 × 359 - 14k - jpg

Hillary Clinton on the sidelines in 2012. April 2nd, 2012. 01:16 PM ET
640 × 360 - 125k - jpg

Hillary Clinton Loses the Scrunchie in Colombia
386 × 316 - 16k - jpg

Secretary Clinton To Deliver Remarks at the “Brazil-U.S.: Partnership for ...
411 × 610 - 72k - jpg

Hillary Clinton Caught On Camera Drinking Cerveza, Doing the Rumba in ...
180 × 217 - 80k - png

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton, in Saudi Arabia Saturday, will take part in ...
640 × 360 - 40k - jpg

Detective Hillary Clinton Now Trying to Solve Amelia Earhart Mystery
960 × 540 - 120k - jpg

"Hill"arious: Hillary Clinton embraces parody site
640 × 360 - 37k - jpg

Hillary Clinton parties in Colombia
871 × 400 - 240k - jpg

Secretary Clinton attended a Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul Sunday.
640 × 359 - 62k - jpg

UPDATE: All kidding aside, the real Hillary Clinton has submitted a Text ...
500 × 686 - 129k - jpg

HILLARY Clinton shows off her party style, knocking back a beer and tearing ...
198 × 175 - 7k

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton waves as she leaves Cameron Hall ...
394 × 610 - 53k - jpg

Hillary Clinton's night out in Cartagena
126 × 83 - 4k - jpg

Hillary Clinton Urges Women Not to Take Any Shit After being introduced by ...
960 × 540 - 77k - jpg

Hillary Clinton comes under fire for dancing the night away in Colombia
150 × 92 - 5k

Agence France-Presse, Tuesday April 17, 2012, Cartagena. Hillary Clinton ...
120 × 90 - 4k - jpg

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama pose ...
490 × 368 - 37k - jpg

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin ...
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911, Predictive Programming and Occult Hollywood, Part 1


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Subido por el 02/10/2011

911 was a false flag event. But there is more. The evidence clearly points to the use of Predictive Programming by Hollywood through their occult agenda to deceive and enslave mankind. 1984 was just a book about a society enslaved by technology, and it was published in 1948. But maybe it was already happening at that time (when television was just getting started.

Clips reviewed in this video include those taken from Godspell (1973), All the President's Men (1976), Three Days of the Condor (1975), and Often an Orphan (1949).

See also 911, Predictive Programming and Occult Hollywood, Part 2

More information on my website located at:

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

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  • Thanks for this vid. It should have 10,000,000 viewers. My response to propaganda spewers on the news has always been "No, don't 'expect every American to support' a war initiated against public sentiment. When my children misbehaved, I corrected them;sometimes sternly, to make a point. This did not make me a traitor to their best interests, as is implied by insider commentators. Traitors are those who act against the best interests of those they purport to serve. The public.

  • The Greatest Afghan Hero.  He saved my life in America

  • Well done. Will include in a future post...

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  • Excellent work...will include in future post

    BTW Heinz (Henry) Kissinger was Deep Throat...

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

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