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sábado, 5 de enero de 2008

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Obama, Huckabee Stake Their Claims in Iowa
January 4, 2008

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee triumphed in Iowa’s caucuses, vowing change at a time of deepening economic concerns.

Globalization Anxieties
CFR’s Peter Beinart says the Iowa caucuses reveal shifts in the political beliefs of both parties’ bases.

Democrats in Denial
Op-Ed: CFR’s Michael J. Gerson argues Democratic campaign rhetoric seems inconsistent on Iraq and other issues.

Blog: Iowa Results
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Securing the Campaign
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto highlights the challenges of protecting U.S. candidates.

Washington’s Diplomatic Thaw
After a year of stern rhetoric toward Iran, the Bush administration is showing a renewed preference for diplomacy.

Pakistan's Frayed Politics
Bhutto’s assassination and the turmoil that followed highlight serious problems in Pakistan’s transition toward democracy.

Kenya’s Political Mess
CFR’s Michelle Gavin discusses the violence and political tumult that have erupted in the wake of Kenya’s December elections.

2008: For Bush, a Make or Break Year
After recent U.S. foreign policy shifts, 2008 will reveal whether enough time remains for George W. Bush to lock in significant achievements.

Nothing New in Pyongyang
North Korea misses a deadline to declare details of its nuclear program, imperiling a U.S.-brokered denuclearization deal.

Winemakers Feel the Heat
As climate change emerges as a problem for the world’s established wineries, some grape growers eye cooler regions.

Turning Water into Gold
As concerns grow over the increasing scarcity of fresh water, some experts weigh trading it as a commodity.

Marching into Cyberspace
Looking to broaden its reach and control its message, the U.S. federal government is increasingly turning to the blogosphere.

Richard Haass in the National Interest: Today’s Global Challenges Warrant an Interest-Based Foreign Policy

Campaign 2008 in Foreign Affairs: A Series of Articles by Top Candidates on Their Foreign Policy Agendas

David Victor participates in National Interest symposium on resource wars

Daniel Markey Outlines Options for U.S. Policy on Pakistan in New Council Paper

January/February 2008
“America's Priorities in the War on Terror” by Michael D. Huckabee
“A New Realism” by Bill Richardson

Experts in the News
Russia (1/2): Ray Takeyh looks at the evolving relations between Iran, Russia, and the United States as they pertain to global energy markets, in the International Herald Tribune.

Pakistan (12/28): Mohamad Bazzi urges Congress to “increase pressure on the Bush administration to drop its support of the autocratic and ineffective Musharraf,” in the Daily News.

Persian Gulf (12/27): Walter Russell Mead argues that the security of domestic energy supplies plays a relatively small role in U.S. Persian Gulf policy, in the Wall Street Journal.

Britain (12/23): Walter Russell Mead writes that “British politics are boring no longer,” in the Washington Post.

U.S. Economy (12/21): Mark Fisch and Benn Steil write that the U.S. must “root out bad debt or more pain will follow,” in the Financial Times.

Iraq (12/21): Mohamad Bazzi looks at the implications of Muqtada al-Sadr’s decision to become an ayatollah, in the Nation.

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