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viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Colombian and International Olympic Committee Confirm their support to The World Games 2013

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Viernes, Enero 13, 2012

Colombian and International Olympic Committee Confirm their support to The World Games 2013

BaltazarBaltazar Medina, President of the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) and Andres Botero, member of the International Olympic Committee (COI) visited Santiago de Cali city

to confirm their commitment to The World Games 2013. They also expressed satisfaction with the support of the National Government that has earmarked 20 thousand million pesos in 2012 to subsidize The Games.This important event positions Colombia as a country with great experience and organisational capability in international sports events, as this is the first time that The World Games will arrive in Latin America as will The Olympics in South America in 2016.

“It is our chance to send positive messages to 120 countries around the world, the ones that will visit us, about all the good things Colombia has” exposed Baltazar Medina.

Andrés Botero expressed: “I think this is the decade of Latin America, a change for the continent, an opportunity to show the world we are able to do an event of great importance”.

Regarding the support for athletes, Medina quoted the law 1389 which establishes financial incentives to those who win medals during the competitions.

Medina and Botero invited people from Valle del Cauca as well as the sports and political leaders to support the organization of The World Games 2013 and to have ownership over them.

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