Tor·que·ma·da (tôrk-mäd, tôrk-mää), Tomás de 1420-1498. Spanish Dominican friar who was appointed grand inquisitor by Pope Innocent VIII (1487). Under his authority, thousands of Jews, suspected witches, and others were killed or tortured during the Spanish Inquisition.

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

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Issue no. 617 dated 13 may, 2010 Download this issue (PDF, 480 Ko)

Tel Aviv and Ankara break secret pact
Worsening relations between Israel and Turkey have a hidden side in which the stakes are high: after more than 60 years of secret military alliance, the two countries’ defence and intelligence cooperation is coming to an end. This split, initiated by Turkey’s Islamist-leaning Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, deprives Israeli defence groups of one of their most faithful clients. (...) Read more

GREY AREAS - How a senior DGSE operative vanished
THE RED LINE - From Hedge Fund to Bounty Hunter
DUE DILIGENCE - Glevum, the U.S. Army's social surveyor
TERABYTES - Real-time photographs to get a clearer picture
And also
Poland: 2nd disappearance of agent Zielonka [free] - France: Undercover anti-drugs offensive - Kyrgyzstan: Shaky start for new government - Israel: Air Force trains in France - Syria: Girding for air assault - Bahrain: Iranian investigation - United States: NATO lorry racket probe - Ukraine: Yanukovych courts foreign support - United States: Investigators target Goldman Sachs - France: Djouhri’s Russian connection - United Kingdom: Stevens, sporting all-rounder - China: Jail sentences trouble foreign groups - France: Total investigates a partner - United States: Guidepost reunites Kroll duo - United Kingdom: Nardello looks to the Middle East...

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