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viernes, 27 de abril de 2012 @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Ski Jumping

In recent years, improved technology and technique have resulted in longer jumps requiring more integrated and secure measuring systems. SWISS TIMING´s state-of-the-art technology has been contributing to this development since almost 20 years.

Our services are already used on average at 80 FIS World Cup events every year, and are in high demand.

How does it work?

At the start

Three-dimensional anemometers indicate to the jury whether the conditions are within safe threshold values. Once the green lights are on, it is the coaches´ decision to release their jumper at the optimal moment. From the ”all-clear” to the announcement of the result, it takes about 2 minutes. Within this time period, speed measurement is done automatically, the jump distance is measured using video cameras alongside the hill, the judges review the jump recorded using a dedicated evaluation system and enter deductions on the scoring keypads.

The result is calculated and distributed to the scoreboard and displayed as TV graphics even before the jumpers take off their skis. All information gathered are available to the CIS in real time and printed according to the needs of the organizers. In addition, TV viewers are able to compare performances. Virtual record lines are cross-blended indicating the distance to beat in order to take the lead. Superimposed video clips follow the flight path and technique of two jumpers at the same time.

Experienced SWISS TIMING technicians set up the systems, operate and control them during the competition and are in close contact with the race management at all times.

Scope of service

Virtual comparison

  • registration and accreditation
  • competition control and management software
  • wind measurement
  • coaches´ display
  • start control and lights
  • speed measurement
  • video distance measurement
  • manual distances input
  • scoring keypads
  • OVR
  • TV graphics
  • virtual graphics


  • Evaluation of wind speed and wind direction data with 3D ultrasonic anemometers
  • Start time terminal and display including an integrated tri-colour LED light to indicate timing related information (FIS regulation 415.4.1)
  • Automatic competition control
  • Gathering and processing of external data (speed, distance, judges score)
  • Speed measurement and display
  • Display of start number, speed, distance and jumping score on coaches scoreboard
  • Capturing judges deduction points for landing and flight
  • Calculation of results (standings, ranking, cup rankings)


  • Creation and printing of start lists, data entry and results production
  • Provision of distances, points and results to real-time displays such as scoreboards
  • Live results to TV graphics, information systems and Internet

TV graphics

  • Production of online graphics in SD and HD
  • Display of start lists, intermediate and final results
  • Presentation of athletes information
  • Provision of cup standings, special rankings

Virtual graphics

  • Insert of "distance to beat line" in the live feed
  • Simultaneous flight analysis

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