Tor·que·ma·da (tôrk-mäd, tôrk-mää), Tomás de 1420-1498. Spanish Dominican friar who was appointed grand inquisitor by Pope Innocent VIII (1487). Under his authority, thousands of Jews, suspected witches, and others were killed or tortured during the Spanish Inquisition.

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

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Fernando IX University

An Introduction to Operations Management

Christian Terwiesch

This course will teach you how to analyze and improve business processes, be it in services or in manufacturing. You will learn how to improve productivity, how to provide more choice to customers, how to reduce response times, and how to improve quality.
Fernando IX University
Introduction to Operations Management
Welcome to Day One
  Today’s the first day of Introduction to Operations Management. Here’s checklist to help you get started: ✔ Log in to the course and review the syllabus ✔ Watch the first lecture ✔ Go to the forum and introduce yourself (i.e. Hi! My name is Marco and I’m from San Francisco.) Don’t worry, they won’t bite! ✔ Schedule a time to watch the video lectures and do the assignments each week ✔ Visit to see if there’s a in-person meetup happening in your area ✔ Fill out your profile (if you haven’t already!) ✔ Have fun! Let the learning begin! Your Coursera Team Visit this class to continue learning Go to Class

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